Fiber optic sparkler: It looks like it could make a big difference

Fiber optics can produce a dazzling glow, but the quality is often compromised when used with sparklers.

Focusing and light transmission are not as efficient when used at low to moderate brightness, and it’s often harder to find bright sparklers that don’t glow a little. 

But now a company in China is offering fiber optics that can make a sparkler’s glow even brighter, and that could open up the way for more sophisticated, more colorful sparklers to become a reality. 

The company, Cultured Fiber, has been working on a fiber optic bulb that can emit light at up to 20,000 lux and emit light from up to 100 meters. 

In order to make the sparkler brighter, the bulb needs to have a specific wavelength of light that can’t be absorbed by glass, such as blue and green. 

Culture and technology students have used lasers to create sparklers in the past, but these days, fiber optics are starting to offer a higher degree of flexibility for the company’s new bulb. 

It’s not clear when the new bulb will be available, but cultured fiber has already begun manufacturing it in-house, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

According to the company, the new bulb has the same wavelength as the Bismarck B2L, the first fiber optic plant in the world to produce blue and red sparklers from glass. 

While the new LED bulb will still be made by the same company, it will have a much higher efficiency and a more powerful LED, Cultured Fiber told the WSJ. 

“The bulb will also produce a brighter blue-to-red glow that is more like the glow of a faucet, and will not fade as quickly as a fizzy drink,” Cultured Fibers CEO, Liu Yuan, told the Journal.

“It will also be capable of producing a wider range of colors and colors that are not available from existing LED bulbs.” 

While these new LED bulbs are still a long way from being a mass-produced product, Cultivated Fiber’s technology could one day make it possible to produce hundreds of millions of high-quality, inexpensive LED bulbs in a single factory. 

As we reported earlier this year, a recent study showed that a new class of LED bulbs made from the company could be on the market in the next two to three years. 

With this new technology, cultivated fiber could be a major player in a new market that already includes LED lighting and smart home technology. 

[Image credit: CulturedFiber via Shutterstock]