A $3.5 billion fiber optic optical illuminators for high-end homes

The world’s largest fiber optic company has signed a contract to manufacture $3 billion in high-performance fiber optic illumination equipment for homes.

The fiber optic system will be able to illuminate homes up to 600 feet away, said a statement from Fiber Optics in November.

That would allow homeowners to easily spot light sources and navigate around rooms without having to walk into a darkened space.

Fiber Optic is based in San Jose, California.

The new fiber optic equipment is part of the company’s ongoing effort to make fiber optic lighting a standard feature of homes in the United States.

Last year, it began selling fiber optics to other manufacturers, and this year it has begun selling the new fiber optics in a limited number of homes.

The fiber optics are made from a type of plastic called polystyrene, which is typically used to make foam and other materials for products like furniture.

Fiber optic lights are more durable than foam, which can crack or crack apart under harsh weather.