How to buy optical fiber in the US

The US has the second-highest number of internet connections in the world, behind only Japan, according to new data.

That’s according to a new study by analytics firm IHS, which said the US is on track to overtake Japan and become the world’s biggest internet provider.

The company measured the number of data connections in all US households, as well as the number and speed of those connections.

The report found that in 2017, the US had more internet connections than the next three countries combined.

In 2016, the USA had more connections than all the other countries combined, according the report.

The USA is also the biggest country in the globe when it comes to broadband adoption.

It ranked first for internet adoption among OECD nations in 2020, with the USA taking in an average of 22.1 gigabytes of data per second, according IHS.

It had surpassed the US as the largest market for data in 2020.