Verizon launches fiber optic Internet service in Kansas City

Verizon announced it is launching fiber optic internet service in the Kansas City area this week, expanding its footprint in the city as part of the company’s $2.7 billion acquisition of Bright House Networks.

The Kansas City-based carrier, which is owned by Verizon Communications, will offer its services over fiber optic cable in an 18-mile radius, which will connect Kansas City to Provo, Utah, and Kansas City International Airport.

The service will cost customers $45 per month, with additional data options starting at $35 per month.

Verizon said the new service will help its customers reach more people by allowing them to download high-definition video and images as well as streaming music, video, and video games from devices like smartphones.

The company will offer gigabit speeds at up to 100Mbps for $35 a month, while a 1Gbps service will be available for $70 a month.

The new service is available for purchase in Kansas and Provo.

Verision will offer customers in Kansas a 5-year service contract and unlimited talk, text and data for $40 a month for unlimited minutes and 500GB of data, according to the company.

The contract will run through January 2021, and customers can cancel anytime within 30 days.

Customers in Kansas will also be able to take advantage of promotional offers such as a free two-year phone plan, a free phone account with unlimited minutes, and a one-year membership to Verizon’s cloud computing service.

Verizona plans to invest $1 billion in Kansas as part the deal, and said that the purchase will help expand its footprint and grow its customer base.

The acquisition also includes the company purchasing Bright House’s fiber optic assets, which include two data centers, the Kansas Fiber Project and Kansas Fiber, the company said.

Verzona also announced plans to launch fiber optic TV services in Kansas this year.

The TV service will offer channels such as Fox, TNT, AMC, Food Network, ESPN, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, as well.

VerIZON said it plans to add more services to its network this year, including more channels and applications to the network.

The carrier also said that it is adding a 3G service to its LTE network to serve Kansas City residents who do not have an existing 4G service.