When: Tuesday, March 20, 2019 9:00 am – 10:00 pm (EDT) Where: University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1340 W. Jefferson, Birmingham, AL 36228

When: Friday, March 24, 2019 10:30 am – 11:30 pm (EST) Where and when: University, Ala.

Coliseum, 1339 W. Broadway, Birmingham Alabama 36228 _________________________________________________ Buckley High School is proud to announce the 2017-2018 National Champion, B.S. Buckley High Football team.

The team will be coached by Assistant Head Coach and Head Coaching Coordinator, Matt J. Bowers, and the secondary is led by former Alabama Crimson Tide Defensive Coordinator, and former Alabama Defensive Line Coach, Matt McCord.

 The Buckley team will begin its season with a game against Central Florida on Saturday, March 26th.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUCKLEY, Alabama– Buckingham High School football will begin a new era at the school with the release of the first-ever football coach in Buckley, Matt Bowers.

Matt Bowers will take over as head coach at Buckley from current head coach Matt McDaniel on Friday, April 6th.

Bowers has served as a head coach for Buckley since 2015 and is currently the Defensive Coordinator for the Alabama Crimson and Gold.

Brees will inherit the team from McDaniel and will lead the team in a brand new era for the program.

Bowers brings a new approach to the defensive side of the ball, with the focus on creating opportunities for the players on the field, which will help to maximize the opportunities for them to develop.

“Matt is a proven, proven coach, and has the capability to make an immediate impact at Buckle High School, where he has spent the last five years leading the football team,” said Buckle head coach John Rolle.

“He has a great track record of developing talent, developing a culture that instills confidence and building a program to succeed.”

Bowers’ arrival will allow for a much-needed change to the secondary for the school, which was one of the worst defensive units in the country in 2017, ranking 25th in scoring defense.

The secondary was one that ranked in the bottom 10 in yards allowed per play and third in interceptions.

The secondary will be a major focus for Bowers this season, as the secondary ranked 17th in pass defense in 2017.

Broughton said that Bowers’ new approach will allow the secondary to focus on the game-winning plays and the most important aspect of the defense is to be “as aggressive as possible, be aggressive on the ball carrier and make plays when the opportunity presents itself.”

“This is a great opportunity for me to continue to build the program and continue to develop this young, young group of players,” said Broughson.

This new approach is something that will allow Buckley to continue on a strong path to the 2019 National Championship and is a positive for the future of the program, which is looking forward to welcoming back this young talent.

_____________________________________________ B.

S Buckley is the first Alabama High School Football team to win a regional championship.

____________________________________________________________ Bucklehead Football has announced the addition of a new Assistant Head Coacher, Matt McBraynes, to the staff.

The addition of McBreeks expertise to the Buckley football staff will give the team more depth to develop the younger talent on the team.

McBreenes will begin his new role on Monday, March 23rd and will report to the head coach and defensive coordinator positions.

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