When you can’t be sure what you’re looking at: Fiber optic curtain

A fiber optic cable in the US is the equivalent of a TV in some countries.

It’s typically used to provide Internet access.

But the cable in North Carolina is a big deal for many people.

In the city of Chapel Hill, it’s also the main conduit to the internet.

The cable is so ubiquitous that in the past year, the city had to shut down its cable network to save on electricity costs.

In the US, the cost of a fiber optic line is typically around $100,000, but North Carolina has to pay $1.6 million a month to pay for the line and the equipment to keep it running.

That’s a big problem.

The cable company has said it plans to upgrade the infrastructure to keep up with demand.

The city of North Carolina recently announced that it’s working on a plan to help pay for it.