When you want a sport-specific GPS device that will help you keep up with the times

With the advent of the latest smart phones, Garmin’s Connect GPS was born, and the company quickly expanded it with the launch of the Garmin Edge 510 GPS Watch.

That device, launched in March 2016, was Garmin’s first foray into a smartwatch, and it’s quickly become one of the best-selling Garmin products.

But the Garmin Connect GPS is not the only Garmin GPS watch on the market.

While the Garmin Vivoactive GPS has been a hit with fitness fans, it’s been a bit more expensive than the Garmin Watch and Garmin Edge 520.

The Garmin Edge 535 is the more affordable alternative, but it doesn’t offer the same functionality and price as the Garmin Fit and Fit HR models.

Instead, the Garmin Xtreme GPS watch from Garmin is a more traditional sports watch that sports enthusiasts can get their hands on.

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