Comcast announces new fiber optic customer for new network

Comcast has hired a fiber optic engineer to work on a new fiber-optic cable for the company’s new network, the company announced Monday.

The hire comes less than a week after Comcast announced that it would be laying off thousands of workers to build a new high-speed fiber network for the city of Philadelphia.

Comcast spokesman Bill Thompson said the company was looking for a new “edge provider” to help build the network.

The company plans to roll out the new fiber network by 2020, although it will be a “full rollout” that will include rolling out fiber across Philadelphia and surrounding areas, Thompson said.

The job will be for “fiber engineer” with Comcast’s engineering and design department.

Comcast’s announcement came two weeks after Comcast laid off more than 100 people from its New York City and Los Angeles offices.

Comcast says it will retain the New York and Los Angelas offices for “upcoming construction, expansion and maintenance projects.”

The layoffs were announced Monday as Comcast began rolling out its network in parts of Philadelphia and the Los Angeles area.

The new network will cover more than 6.3 million homes in the city and surrounding area, and will run from the New Jersey border to Long Beach, California, according to a company statement.