How to buy the best fiber optic skydiving equipment

I’ve been working on an article that will provide fiber optic lighting to all our skydivers, so that we can be as good as the best in the world, and to that end, I decided to build a skydive light rig to make the transition easier for the average person. 

 The light rig will be the size of a small suitcase, but will have the power of a 100 watt LED lightbulb. 

The light rig, which is made from a custom fiber optic lightbulbs, will also have the ability to shoot video, and will have a built-in laser.

 If you are interested in buying this light rig or the equipment that it will use, you can find it for $3,100. 

Here is what you will need to make your dream skydiver’s dream come true: You will need: A custom fiber optics lightbulbing system. 

A laser system. 

  A fiber optic laser system with the ability to shoot video. 

You will also need a custom LED light source. 

An old laptop computer. 

And a light source that can be turned on and off using a cord. 

 You can read more about the process and the light rig in the video above. 

If this light light rig is going to become your skydived home, then make sure that you are a regular skydivier, because I promise that you will be as close to the best as you can possibly get. 

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