Which tech is best for big businesses?

The Washington Post reports that tech giants like Amazon and Google have a massive advantage in the cloud market.

They’ve been using cloud services to power their business operations for decades, while other big players have struggled.

But as the market for large-scale computing has exploded, the incumbents have struggled to maintain their position.

The Post reports today that some of the companies that have been the fastest growing in the last decade are also ones that have seen their revenues shrink.

Amazon is the largest cloud provider in the US, with more than $400 billion in revenues, while Google is the second-largest cloud provider with $222 billion in revenue.

The report states that Amazon has become the fastest-growing tech company in the country, with revenues of $1.4 trillion.

Google has been the third-largest company, with $2.5 trillion in revenues.

The paper reports that Amazon is leading the cloud industry, and Google is a close second.

The company says that cloud computing is one of its “top five fastest-evolving businesses,” and that the company is currently using cloud-based software to help it build out its business and help it compete in the next wave of data centers.

Amazon has been doing more of this recently, with its acquisition of CompuServe.

It also announced its plans to buy more data centers from CompuHaus.

In addition, the company announced that it will be adding more than 600 data centers in the coming years.

Google is looking to build its own cloud infrastructure for cloud computing, as well as the ability to scale up to support more customers.

It is expected to launch its own data center infrastructure in 2018.

Amazon announced earlier this year that it was investing $2 billion to expand its data center capacity, but that it would focus on creating “the most resilient and secure data center in the world.”

Amazon also announced it would be using the money to buy CompuLab, a cloud computing startup that makes cloud-hosting software that will help Amazon run more data center operations.