How a $3,000 AR-15 pistol will cost you at gun shows

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The following story is the first in a series by Fortune Magazine on how to buy a firearm.

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The AR-10 rifle, also known as the AR-style rifle, is the weapon of choice for many militia groups across the United States.

Its popularity is due in part to its modular design that makes it a versatile weapon, and it is one of the few weapons that can be used for both personal defense and civilian use.

The AR-11, on the other hand, is a semi-automatic version of the rifle that fires a single round.

But like many other semi-automatics, the AR 10 uses a gas piston as a firing pin.

Its recoil is similar to a bolt action rifle, and its accuracy is good enough for most law enforcement and military types.

In the hands of someone skilled at a range of firearms, this rifle can be an incredibly deadly weapon.

This article originally appeared on The Wall Street Journal.